• Specializes in radar technology, communications technology, electronic warfare and wireless detection.
    To make the company into a vibrant science and technology enterprises, with rapid growth capacity,
    and to provide users with reliable quality products and secure services


Jiang Su Kenli Technology Co., Ltd. (Nanjing willing to stand) was founded in August 2000, is a private joint-stock high-tech enterprises, The main business of the company is the development, production, sales and service of microwave hybrid integrated circuits and microwave communication systems. Our main service targets for the military and national defense-related users.

Since the establishment of KENLI company, we developed the principle of development, that is seriously consider the actual needs of customers. Each task to do the best. Encourage scientific and technological innovation, product performance excellence. After years of efforts, the company has cultivated a highly efficient professional management and R & D team, but also formed an advantage of the professional and technical capacity. With the leading micro-assembly technology, we have introduced a lot of excellent performance, quality and stability of quality products, covering microwave devices and microwave modules, microwave reconnaissance confrontation and communications equipment, microwave communications, test and reconnaissance systems.

"Constantly do not strive to climb the peak technology, and eventually become the industry leader, to encourage scientific and technological innovation, manufacturing high-tech products to serve the motherland" is the company's quality policy, more all Kent staff relentless pursuit.