Jiangsu Kenli Technology Co., Ltd. is located in building 6 of Jiangsu Software Park. The park is located in the eastern side of Purple Mountain, Nanjing. .The company formerly known as Nanjing Kenli Technology Co., Ltd, which was founded in August 2000. The  company is a private high-tech enterprises, specializing in antenna and microwave circuit product research and production. In 2015, the company was reorganized into shareholding enterprises. In August 2016, the company registered in the National Equities Exchange and Quotations, stock code 838406.

Our products are divided into three categories, including radar and communications systems with integrated microwave modules, radar and communication systems supporting equipment and radar antenna-specific test systems, and so on. At present, KENLI's production capacity has formed a scale and serialization.  Product applications Frequency distribution DC-100GHz.  Applications of the our products involving radar, communications, electronic warfare and other military fields. The main advanced products are integrated microwave and millimeter-wave up-converter products, down-converter products and integrated frequency-conversion multi-channel modules, ultra-wideband microwave antenna and antenna arrays, stackable broadband programmable switching matrix, broadband electronic countermeasures and system simulation equipment, microwave and millimeter-wave high-speed smart antenna array test system and so on. In addition, we have an excellent technical team ,the team conducted long-term research on smart antenna testing and integrated multi-channel RF receiver channel components, their technical level in the domestic industry in a leading position. Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology Institute of Antenna and electromagnetic scattering technology, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications Satellite Communications Research Laboratory is our close cooperation partners..

The company is the first batch of approved high-tech enterprises, with a number of computer software copyright and patent. Company qualification is perfect, including weapons and equipment research and production licenses, weapons and equipment quality management system certification, level 3 confidential qualification certificate and equipment for the Ministry of the total equipment unit certificate.

The company will continue to expand its business in the fields of microwave and radio frequency applications through technology accumulation and technological innovation. Including mobile communications, satellite communications, military custom communications, broadband and ultra-wideband wireless signals received reconnaissance and electronic warfare, military and civilian radar systems, navigation and positioning systems, networking and intelligent field antenna test systems.