1) Design for broadband applications


KENL frequency converters are used in frequency ranges from VHF to MMW, with the highest frequency up to 40GHz, wide channel bandwidth, good in-band consistency, and octave-band operation. The main products include millimeter-wave broadband Frequency converter and microwave broadband inverter.


2) low noise figure, large dynamic range.


Wideband low noise preamplifier performance, can take into account the noise figure characteristics and system dynamic range requirements. For example, the short-wave frequency converter, the input signal distortion-free linear response can be up to 15dBm, noise figure reduced to 3dB or less. The target system signal dynamic range up to 110dB.


3)  The down-converter equipment can automatically pre-select the RF input signal


There are two modes of operation of the downconverter. In the automatic mode, the device can automatically adjust the output frequency of the local oscillator and the gain of the channel according to the frequency and power of the input signal, and provide Signal frequency pre-identification and signal power equalization. Recording signal parameters and related information, to provide output signal monitoring channel. This equipment can work in the unattended environment, the realization of equipment condition monitoring and abnormal alarm.


4) Standardized and modular design style, more versatile


Standardized mechanical design of the equipment, modular design of the internal functional circuit unit, shorten the design and commissioning cycle, while bringing the reliability and maintainability of the upgrade.


5) MMIC integrated technology and gradient welding technology


High-frequency microwave circuit The traditional circuit welding technology, conductive adhesive with screw fixed substrate and module cavity, can not meet the requirements of the use of microwave circuits, including heat, reliability, miniaturization and lightweight and so on. Gradient temperature soldering process using a variety of different melting temperature of the solder, according to the temperature decreasing order welding step by step, the substrate, cavity and high-frequency microwave devices are reliably connected together. Not only to overcome the high-frequency microwave module grounding, cooling and other potential risks, but also effectively reduce the system size and weight.


Jiangsu KENLI company's up-converter and down-converter products using advanced micro-assembly and gradient welding process, The MCM process design method is used to realize the miniaturization, modularization and high integration microwave module. The multi-temperature gradient welding process has the advantages of small parasitic parameters, good consistency and easy miniaturization. This technology has advantages especially in the microwave high frequency band and the millimeter wave band.