The product is designed and manufactured with multi-chip component technology (MCM), with a high degree of integration, good product consistency, and outstanding reliability, etc. The product can be used in a frequency range up to 40 GHz.




Input signal frequency: Ka band


Output signal frequency: X / C / S / L frequency band (optional)


Gain: ≥20dB


Output P-1: ≥15dBm


Local oscillation frequency adjustable range: ≥ 4GHz


In-band spurious in the agile frequency operating mode: ≤-65dBc


Out-of-band spurious in the agile frequency mode of operation: ≤ -65dBc


In-band gain flatness: ≤1.5dB


Amplitude stability: ≤ 0.3dB / 4h


Phase stability: ≤ 4 ° / 4h


Dimensions: 74mm × 42.6mm × 22mm